About Grupo Idrapower

08-04-2014_08-18-32_399267_452364528154332_1822024633_nA Nuevo León, Mexico, food and beverage enterprise, Grupo Idrapower manufactures a diversity of healthy products, including Yummers, Cyclops, Idrapower, La Guerrera, Nature’s Factory, and Disfrutz. Grupo Idrapower partners with major distributors and retailers, including leading supermarket chains, to ensure that its products are on store shelves throughout Mexico. The firm collaborates with prominent educational institutions such as the University of Monterrey in the research and development of innovative food products that combine wholesomeness and premium flavor.

Grupo Idrapower maintains a strong community focus through the activities of the RGS IV Group Extension Foundation, a socially responsible outreach organization that it supports. Through the Foundation, the company offers a wide range of programs that benefit society and the environment. Grupo Idrapower also invests significant capital in health, sports, and education initiatives. Among sponsored entities are the training companies EvenLabs, Central Bikepark, Club Central Mx, Club Avispones, Regio Club Gimnástico and Rockfit in the Crossfit arena. The firm maintains a strong code of ethics for the benefit and well-being of employees and to create a positive corporate orientation.


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